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PSYC Dock Waiting List

Waiting List for Permanent Moorage at PSYC

This wait list is managed by the Vice Commodore. When vacancies for permanent moorage arise on the dock, members on this list are given the first opportunity to obtain moorage for that vessel named on the list.

When dock vacancies arise, the Board makes an offering of the space to the next available name on the list taking into consideration

  • The date at which the member(s) were approved for addition to the wait list, and
  • That the members boat would best maximize the income and utilization of the dock, and
  • That the members have demonstrated they have been and are actively involved in club activities or functions.
  • If members are offered permanent moorage and decline the offer, they will be moved to the bottom of the list or removed at the members' request. Boats may be skipped over if they do not fit in the available space. Where boats are skipped over they shall remain in the same position on the wait list. If members change boats (size/length, name, etc.) they should notify the Vice Commodore in writing of the changes so that the wait list has the most current information. If members on the wait list do not notify the Vice Commodore timely of boat changes and are "passed by" for permanent moorage due to the information contained within this website's wait list, they remain in the same list position and are considered for the next available spot. It is the responsibility of the member to check the website wait list to ensure it is correct.

    When reading the waiting list below, please keep in mind that the effective date column is what is used to determine position on the waiting list. Should a member decline moorage their effective date will be changed to the date to the date that the offer was declined.

    Members on the list are requested to read and be familiar with the club's Dock and Moorage Procedures.